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The kid next door

The kid next door

Begijnenstraat 23, 2000 Antwerpen

“The kid next door” marks the first inaugural show for Uppercut.

It’s a testimonial that is mainly autobiographical and taken from a personal experience that dates to when we were kids.

Back in the days I was living next to a very vogueish gentleman that had an amazing collection of Italian furniture pieces that mostly originated from the 60s until the 80s.

He used to be an art dealer and he was the first person that initiated my passion for design and art. He used to call me “the kid next door” and we had a good and understanding relationship towards each other.

So you could state that the first show is an homage to my neighbor that taught me the difference between what made a design piece a good piece or rather mediocre. So, this is a tribute to all people that inspire other people and especially the youth.

With “The kid next door” we showcased several pieces that comes from emerging and some already well-established designers. These designers are all based in Eurpope and most of them had a common education at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Every piece was carefully selected and put together. At Uppercut we always try to find pieces that have a good balance between playfulness, a well-documented base of research, and an understanding of proportions.

This pop-up show was held at So-Space in Antwerp. We thank you for the ongoing support.

Wendy Andreu 
Pierre Castignola 
Maya Eline Leroy 
Lucas Maassen 
Pepijn Van Otterlo 
Teun Zwets 
Studio Fabius Clovis
Niko June x Nick Ross 

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