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Besides organizing shows on a quarterly basis all around Belgium we also have our own showroom and gallery space where we organize dinner parties for collectors, artists and collaborators.

In 2023, Uppercut will opened its gallery in an Antwerp town apartment. The space is located on the fifth floor of a 1930s art deco building on the edge of Antwerp South and Berchem. The “apartment” concept in Antwerp is only the beginning, and we soon aspire to open a space, but in the meanwhile we are more than happy to host you here.

The apartment will display works of different designers and artists and will be curated by Scott Lippens. It will be a space where we will host vernissages, receive clients and collaborators.

In December 2023 we opened for our first time our doors to the general public. 
If you would like to visit the space please reach out to us: 

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