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Broken traditions, postponed kisses

Broken traditions, postponed kisses

Château De Spycker

Inspired from the aristocratic Victorian dinner party from the XIXth century. The “Uppercut Dinner party” recreates a salon from that era based on the host’s intention to show off detailed furniture and precious interiors to their guests, the installation should stretch inspiration from this aristocratic behavior while using contemporary design furniture, ceramics, cutlery, tableware, vases, chairs, tables,…Anything you can imagine that could fit within a context of a dining room.

While using contemporary design pieces that will clash with the French Renaissance interior it will go against the strict etiquette of these dinner parties to subtly introduce the ideology behind these pieces of copying as a human need and triggering and question the hierarchy of materials and bring contemporary design pieces to another degree of value.

We would like to give each designer and artist the freedom to create a piece or several pieces that could fit in this ideology.

Nicolas Zanoni
Frizbee ceramics
Pierre castignola
Niko June x Nick Ross
Dirk Duif
Arthur Vandergucht
LS Gomma
Yoon Shun
Justine Menard
Hank Gruner
Heloïse colrat
Wendy Andreu 

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