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Tutto Passa

Tutto Passa

Spijkersdreef 13, 8310 Sint-Kruis

It’s with great pleasure we are announcing our summer group show called “Tutto Passa” opening on the 2nd of August until the 18th.
The show will take place in our annual rendez-vous place, ‘Château De Spycker’ where we have the opportunity to showcase the works of Arthur Vandergucht, Bram Vanderbeke, Sigurd Nis Schelde, LS GOMMA and Yoon Shun.

For “Tutto Passa” we present a diverse range of works by both established and emerging Belgian and European artists and designers. This presentation brings together a collection of captivating pieces that explore the elements of materiality and design ideologies.
Experience pure and grounded luxury in a curated setting, surrounded by tactile materials, all within a timeless interior of a beautiful castle in Brugge.